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Ethics and values


Listening: To understand the customers, Univerre knows that it is important to listen to them, to exchange and analyze requests with benvolance.

Audacity: Univerre offers creative, technical but realistic solutions. The company clearly displays the transparency its offers and partners.

Proximity: Close to its customers and its suppliers, Univerre devotes significant attention to meet them regularly because the team of Univerre knows that a solid link is created in direct contact and over the long term.

Human: Univerre is a company where the respect of the person is essential, that we apply with our client, partners as well as employees. Univerre promotes open-mindedness and communication.

Social and environmental responsibility

At Univerre, we work daily to promote a packaging approach that is ever more respectful of the environment, more responsible, more ethical and more supportive. To support these actions, we chose to put in place a strategy with the name “Happiness is in the glass”.

Univerre assists companies in their product recovery projects through packaging, always offering more solutions with a minimum environmental effect. Our team is passionate about respecting the interests of all our stakeholders, with a spirit of ethics and responsibility.

This commitment is at the heart of the DNA of the Univerre company and is one of the pillars of value carried by the company. In order to have maximum impact and that this action takes all its meaning vis-à-vis its customers, partners, and the whole society, it is every member of the company who embodies this spirit of everyday life responsibility.

Our 3 pillars

Our environnemental approach, called “Happiness is in the glass” is based on three pillars: Economic Welfare, Human Tendency, Eco-participation. This approach is largely inspired by our strong values ​​such as listening, audacity, proximity and the human.

  • Economic Ability: To be transparent and fair in the management of business.
  • Human Tendency: Develop and encourage the commitment of our employees in a responsible way.
  • Eco-participation: Act for the recycling of glass and offer packaging solutions, environmentally friendly.

Our priorities

In coherence with our partners, themselves involved in a environnemental approach, we have developed our vision of social and environmental responsibility with our suppliers.

Economic responsibility: Promote the sharing of our notion of social responsibility concerning our economic activities, our employment policy and our business ethics, with our partners and suppliers.

Social Responsibility: Develop and encourage the commitment of our employees in their work at Univerre, by creating a company where we can learn, evolve and enjoy working on a daily basis.

Environmental responsibility: Select glassmakers with an ISO approach including a high percentage of recycled glass, waste and smoke management, favoring glass lightening and with clean production.

Promote the development of innovative glass products minimizing the environmental impact and offer this alternative to customers. Raise awareness among customers and employees about glass recycling and climate issues.

Word of the management

We want to do more than support our customers in the promotion of their products. We want to create value for the economy, society, the environment and our employees. Our “glass happiness” approach is a global commitment supported by the Univerre team