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Our references

Glass makers and distributor for 5 generations, the family TOURRES is recognized throughout the world where customers have been faithful to it since sometimes more than 100 years.

We work with a few large groups, but reserve most of our expertise for small and medium-sized family businesses, which often have a clean and strong identity. Listening, flexible, responsive, we do not hesitate to cross the globe to meet our customers and understand their needs.

Thanks to the loyalty of our customers, and to the close relationships established and consolidated over the years, we can offer the largest selection of glass products for export: bottles, jars, carafes, stoppers, glasses … but also all accessories that can highlight the products of our customers such as crystal, wooden box, leather case, zamac cap …

We create and support our customers in the realization of tailor-made packaging projects.

Design, creativity, listening and adaptability are part of our Univerrre!