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History of the company

Our story begins in 2000, when Fabrice Tourres created Univerre. Initially, alone in this project he quickly surrounded himself with a versatile team to ensure his missions as a glass distributor and provide global support for all packaging.

Fabrice Tourres comes from a family of glassmakers for the past 6 generations. In 1888, Alphonse Tourres was appointed head of the Bas-Sanvic glass factory created in 1841, in Le Havre. A. Tourres introduced his descendants into the glass industry.

Located in this Norman city, the factory found multiple interests. Among other things, there was a sand quarry nearby which made easy to obtain fern to heat the furnace. Another advantage of the city of Le Havre was its port which helped the export and relations with rum.

Originally bottled in Le Havre when the rum came by barrels, the development of activity towards the West Indies set in place quite naturally as well as the historical relations with rum manufacturers.

Create the emotion of tomorrow

The vision of Univerre is to be a source of inspiration and become the reference of design creations. Univerre aims to develop its own innovative, creative and high quality bottles.

Emotion blower

More than a passion, Univerre is driven by a real mission to accomplish with its customers: sublimate their products and their identities. As a true conductor, Univerre puts all of its partners to music to create a unique composition, a work of art for the client. . Sourcer, designer, designer know-how we can offer a complete offer with glass, decor, capping and cluxury box. The development of beverages and food products is the main objective of the company. Univerre responds to meet the needs of customization for a strong identity and dresses the product of the most beautiful setting.

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