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Let's merge our talents!

Univerre works every day to offer its customers collections of glass bottles from the best glass factories in the world.

With more than twenty references, we offer our customers the widest selection of luxury bottles and carafes, most of them are available immediately or quickly in stock, positioning Univerre as the leader of the luxury bottle in the world.

As a true conductor, our teams support you in all packaging projects for which they are responsible and aim for excellence by combining technical expertise and innovation.

Bottle collection

Already world leader and exclusive distributor of premium references, our catalog is enriched every year, fruit of a demanding sourcing work seeking innovation and creativity among the best.

We offer a wide range of models, premium, standard or customize, glass and crystal to meet all needs.

Original creation

As a veritable « blower of emotion », Univerre is the partner of brands that wish to be differentiate and succeed in their positioning by affirming the originality and quality of the container.

Creating an emotion for the end customer means giving the product the opportunity to be unique, strong and identifiable.

The customer experience is a vector of sales and loyalty to cultivate to mark the spirits. That’s why Univerre supports you in this innovative and creative approach.


Eager to respond to brands that want to apply a premiumization, differentiation or wanting to launch a new product, Univerre presents personalization solutions through an steel or embossed engraving, a background work or the ring of the bottle …

We rely on a selection of partners recognized for their innovations and owners of many technical patents. We also work in collaboration with design schools.

High end decor

Concerned about quality and design, we are proud to offer our customers high quality decorations in line with the product and the positioning sought.

Univerre’s experts perfectly master client project management by combining technical constraints and the art of decor.

Many possibilities are offered such as screen printing, coating, hot stamping, pad printing, heat transfer, accessories gluing, frosting, sandblasting, decal …

We are partners of the greatest decorators on glass to accompany our clients in their projects.