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Your project

Highlight the brightness of your ideas!

We know that each project is different and unique, that is why we propose to our customers to create a design with lot of emotions and experiences. Because it is known to differentiate itself from the competition, and to emerge from its targets it is necessary to make sense. And it is through unique attributes that we work to make the consumer travel in a world of scarcity, experience, intensity, heritage, tradition …

Constantly at the forefront of innovation with our partners, we offer creations 100% original that meet the demands in terms of feasibility and price.

Two solutions are presented:

Design an original model

From an idea, for the launch of a new product … or simply to assert a new identity, we offer the possibility of creating a specific design, or in other words “tailor-made”.

To achieve a complete creation, the team of Univerre accompanies its customers to gather all the information useful and necessary for the completion of the project. For this we work to collect input data, work on the development of the glass plan, make the 3D model, select a glass sample, calibrate the quality, do the technical monitoring of the production. To support the speech of the brand entrusted, we offer sets and accessories in accordance with the product positioning strategy.

From a unique design

Customize an existing template

From a model selected in our collection, the customer has the opportunity to customize it with a particular engraving, a ring or a special background … Then the options of decorations and accessories are proposed to obtain a fully developed packaging and in resonance with the specific need of departure.

On a base model