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Bottles and decanters

Univerre offers a wide range of bottles and decanters to meet the needs of its customers. With more than 400 references, we offer a wide choice for every desired positioning.

Whether luxury, premium, medium or standard, the ability to customize the packaging is a possible solution and quite conceivable to support the speech of a brand with strength and authenticity.


Specialist in the glass bottle, Univerre has used its expertise to present a wide range of premium or standard pots for the culinary market and delicatessen, among others.

The range of pots is also customizable to affirm the identity of the brand and showcase the product. Embellished with different solutions of capsules, the pot will take its place and stand proudly to affirm his personality.


Corking is both an essential technical element but also a very beautiful object of design, to express a positioning or emphasize a defined style. Different materials are offered for the design of corks or capsules, such as wood, glass, ceramics, metal …

Univerre, expert in packaging, offers a complete innovative and differentiating solution to its customers.


For a complete packaging, Univerre accompanies its customers in the creation of luxury box, tasting glass or specific decoration such as the application of a cord, a thin edging, a medallion, a stamp, an aluminum plate or a diamond inlaid …

The decor solutions are multiple, original and always personalized.