Comparateur de produits


Aluminium screw cap

The screw caps are used with a crimping machine and guarantee the safety and tightness of your bottles. They can be used on BVS and BVP ring bottles and are available in many diameters and skirt lengths. Suitable for the most standard wines and spirits, but also for non-alcoholic drinks and oils or vinegars.

They can include pourers and be personalized with decorations and engravings.

Premium gpi screw cap

GPI screw caps are capping solutions adapted to more premium bottles with specific rings and can be placed by hand without crimping equipment. They are available as standard in different plastic colours, but can also be available in wood or metal.

Fully customizable, it is possible to create relief engravings, recessed engravings, pad printing, hot stamping…

Head caps

Caps with heads are used to decorate the most luxurious bottles and decanters. Whether in wood, glass, metal or plastic, a wide choice of models can be adapted to all bottles and decanters. The caps with heads can be customised with intaglio or relief engravings, hot foil stamping, pad printing, a large number of colours and finishes are possible. The caps can be made of natural cork, agglomerated cork or synthetic material. These plugs can be installed automatically or by hand, but it is necessary to guarantee safety by installing a PVC sleeve or a tin or aluminium complex overcap.

Other capping and overcapping

We offer Twist Off capsules for jars, manual caps for lemonades and premium beer, crown caps for soft drinks and champagne, zamac caps for the most beautiful decanters, tablets to affix to your bottles, caps and sleeves to ensure the bottle is tamper-proof.

Many colours and personalisation too. We invite you to come to us to advise you in your choice.