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Purity of glass

Noble, healthy and natural, glass draws its strength from the earth. This material is one of the oldest, it is related to history and cultural techniques. Used in crafts, architecture and food preservation, glass has many applications.

Unequalled preservation

By its composition, the glass offers optimal preservation and long-lasting, it stands the test of time. Thanks to its qualities, the glass does not interfere with its content, it is totally waterproof and retains the original qualities and virtues of food and drink. Thus the glass preserves the taste of the product and its transparency gives value to its contents.


This natural material offers many possibilities in manufacturing process, whether its design or its form. It is possible to improve its composition to make a lighter glass which can minimize the environmental impact, for example. It can also be given a multitude of shapes and sizes, modeling it according to his imagination by letting his creativity speak.


Glass is an ecological material par excellence. It is 100% recyclable and can be remelted to infinity to make new glass bottles, without altering its qualities or loss of quantity. The recycling of glass can have a positive impact on the environment, here are some examples:

  • Saving energy: replacing virgin raw materials with a 10% increase in recycled glass makes it possible to save 3% energy.
  • Limiting CO2 emissions: recycling a ton of glass saves 500kg of CO2.
  • Minimizing the carbon footprint of carriage: The use of recycled glass from local collections, close to glass production facilities, helps to optimize logistics.
  • Decrease in natural resource extraction: every kg of cullet used to replace the raw material leaves room for a saving of 1.2 kg of virgin materials.