Comparateur de produits

Silkscreen and pad printing

Printing enamel, ink or precious metals through screens until complete reproduction of the decoration on a rotating bottle.

A heat treatment then fixes the material to the glass. Screen printing can be carried out on cylindrical bottles as well as on complex shapes, but remains subject to certain dimensional constraints.


The bottle is covered with a film on which has been deposited thin aluminum layers of gold, platinum, bright colored, satin or matt.

This film is applied in direct hit or unwound. Upstream, the bottle has been screen printed to serve as a support for the film.

Immersion Transfer

The bottle is immersed in a water bath on which a pre-decorated film is in suspension, the decorating inks then adhere to the container. The bottle then has a marble effect, wood, jeans …

Satin finishing

The bottle is immersed in an acid bath that gives the glass a frosted, frosted appearance.

Transparent windows can be made on the bottles by the installation of a mask before the passage in decoration. Other decors can then be added to this process.


The bottle is totally or partially covered with thin metal layers. The result can be shiny or matte, the color of your choice. Other decorating techniques can then be added, such as screen printing for example

The laying of Accessories

In order to finalize the high-end customization of your bottle, Univerre offers you to add to your packaging a precious accessory such as a jewel: metal medallion, rhinestones, leather sheath …

The coating

The bottle is colored thanks to a projection of paint. The lacquering can be total, partial or degraded and allows to obtain many effects: matt, glossy, opaque, translucent, touched rough or smooth, metallic, etc.

All colors are possible, giving free rein to your imagination. Silkscreen decor can then be added to the bottle.

The laying of Decalcomania

Decals are multi-color images based on enamel, inks or precious metals, which are produced in flat screen printing and then applied with a semi-automatic machine using a silicone pad.

This method makes it possible to reach non-decorative areas by screen printing.