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Wild Glass by Estal

Do you know with Estal’s new “Wild Glass” range?

This new bottle collection with a slightly “wild” spirit, comes from 100% recycled glass, and offers an innovative, pure, durable vision with a feeling of handmade or even handcrafted.

Today, consumers are looking for durability and design, but also for solutions of natural beauty with all its imperfections, like a handmade and real product.
The “Wild Glass” collection offers all this!

Inaccurate colour lines, bubble-shaped imperfections, orange peel, scratches in the formation of the glass, among others, give an organic and authentic design similar to natural glass with all the characteristics of traditional serial glass.

Efficiency is one of the main pillars in terms of ecological sustainability. The “Wild Glass” collection has the particularity of not throwing away bottles with aesthetic defects, unlike the rejections of classic series.

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Le 21 October 2019