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Arrival of the Courbon Team

20 days, 3 hours, 8 minutes and 7 seconds is the time set by the Courbon brothers to cross the Atlantic and reach Salvador de Bahia from Le Havre. They are thus in 13th position in this 14th Transat Jacques Vabre.

We had the pleasure of supporting Renaud and Yves Courbon during this 4,350 mile (8,000 km) crossing and it was an intense moment of emotion and joy to follow their daily adventure.

Congratulations to TeamCourbon for having made us travel with them and for this very first Jacques Vabre transatlantic race brilliantly ! There is no doubt that there will be others in the future

Thank you Yves and Renaud for sharing these moments of life on the beautiful blue.


Le 25 November 2019