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Class 40 boat Univerre qualifies to take part in the Transat Jacques Vabre 2023 !

Our skippers set sail at 9:45 am on Sunday June 4 for the CIC Normandy Channel Race. It’s a magnificent journey, from Normandy to Ireland, via the English south-west coast and the Channel Islands.

A course of around 1000 miles in the English Channel and Celtic Sea, starting and returning from the town of Caen in Normandy, which will enable the Class 40s to reach their full potential.

The aim? To qualify for the Transat Jacques Vabre and experience a race full of challenges!

The skippers set off in the direction of the Saint-Marcouf islands, then headed for the Isle of Wight before reaching the tip of Cornwall. They then sailed along the Irish coast to the Tuskar lighthouse, before heading back down to the Fastnet lighthouse to begin the return journey to Caen.

After 5D 01H 16MIN 45S of racing, they crossed the finish line at 16H 31MIN 45S. The main objective had been achieved!

“The weather conditions were intense and testing for the team and the boat, but that didn’t stop them from coming home smiling and, above all, with very little breakage to the boat.”

The least we can say is that we’re proud of them and their journey! We can’t wait to begin this new adventure, which promises to be intense and full of surprises…

Le 15 June 2023