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Today we take you to Bali, this famous island of Indonesia is also the smallest of the archipelago. Bali, named “island of the gods”, distils a magnetic charm and beauty with its sublime beaches and volcanic reliefs dressed with forests, hills and rice fields whose curves make the light dance.

It is in this natural setting that vodka and Kaja gin were born. Distilled in an artisanal way, using only the best Indonesian natural spring water from the Batu Karu mountain in the north of Bali, these alcohols are of great purity. These two nectars demonstrate the know-how of true artisanal spirits, proudly made by the Balinese in Indonesia.

To magnify these spirits, we are pleased to bring our expertise, by proposing bottles adapted to the image desired by the creators, to support the brand’s discourse and ensure the quality of the proposed container.

Le 12 March 2020