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Montebello Rum

Today we are taking you to Guadeloupe! On this paradise island, do you know Petit Bourg? This is the place, or rather the place where the Montebello Rum originated. This distillery founded in 1930 has received several awards in international competitions for these high quality rums.

At Univerre, we have the pleasure of working together on several cuvées and in particular the one called “The Bolokos”.

This rum is the result of a close collaboration between the emblematic Guadeloupe Punk-Rock group “The Bolokos” and the Montebello distillery. Since its release in February 2019, the now famous cuvée “The Bolokos” has caused a sensation in the Rhumosphere with a natural degree of 76% (Brut de Colonne the most powerful ever bottled).

For this project, among others, we proposed a bottle with a strong character, like the punk group Guadeloupe, while also highlighting the identity of this white rum, brewed in vats for 12 months.

Le 7 February 2020