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Optimisation of 50cl and 70cl Rum pallets   

Univerre is pleased to present two new optimised palletisations for 50 and 70 cl rum

These high pallets will allow you to load more bottles in the high cube containers and thus :

– save on storage costs
– save on transport costs
– save on packaging

We are thus affirming our concern for the environment and our desire to find sources of savings for our customers at a time when production and supply costs are soaring.

You will have the possibility to keep your old pallets, or the possibility to switch to the next pallet:

Pallet optimisation      No. of layers     Cols/pallet      Height

        RHUM 50               9 layers              2430         2.461m

        RHUM 70               8 layers               1856         2,381m

 Pour toute information complémentaire, ou confirmation de commande, n’hésitez-pas à vous adresser à notre équipe commerciale :

Le 20 January 2022