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Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia, is made up of thousands of volcanic islands. It is on the island of Bali, known for its beaches and volcanoes that we are pleased to intervene.

Indeed, the inhabitants of this island are not used to drinking wine, as we are used to in Europe.

But it is now done, Plaga wine was launched by a company called Indowines, one of the oldest and most important wine importers for Indonesia. The Plaga Wine team wanted to introduce this drink to the Balinese, creating a modern, light, tropical and fun wine, as they like to call it “the wine of the new generation”.

Plaga is the result of the efforts of many people from all over the world to offer Indonesian consumers an affordable, always available and good quality product. Passionate people, united by one thing: the love of wine.

At Univerre, we are committed to offering the best, because the love of wine is a common passion. We have advised Plaga wine and we collaborate to provide glass bottles adapted to the young and modern image of this wine, which is a beautiful creation.

Le 12 March 2020