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Trend eco-responsible product

At a time of ecological packaging and responsible consumption, glass packaging remains a safe and constantly innovative value.

This can be seen in particular with hotel complexes that ban plastics and bottle their own still and carbonated water in premium and personalised glass bottles. This new trend is spreading to the most luxurious establishments that want to leave an eco-friendly footprint.

Today the concept of the returnable glass bottle offers the possibility of a longer service life, preserving the earth’s natural resources and consuming less energy for production and transport .

Univerre thus supports its customers’ approach by offering :

– reusable models

– lighter models to allow savings in production, transport, storage and recycling.

– made of 80% to 95% of recycled glass

You will be able to discover our new shades of half white or aged bottles in our online catalogue, through this newsletter, all this while preserving modern and innovative designs.

At Univerre, we pay particular attention to these steps, and we remain at your disposal to advise you on the range of bottles that meet your needs, your ethics and your budget.

Le 14 January 2021