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Univerre accompanies Mimocello

A symbol of the Côte d’Azur, the mimosa is a superb yellow flower with a famous fragrance. This year, the scent of these fluffy pompons has come to tease our noses all the way to Normandy, to accompany Mimocella, the new innovative brand of spirits.

After two years of work and research, the creator, Laurent, offers a spirit made with the fresh flower of the wild mimosa, picked by hand. Mimocello was born in the heart of the unique terroir, located between the coast and the forest massifs on the mimosa road, in its capital, Mandelieu la Napoule.

The ideal time to harvest the fully open pompons, which are soaked in sunlight, is when the weather is dry. One hour of picking is necessary to collect about 1kg of mimosa flowers. Then comes the time for the artisanal production according to the rules of the art, guaranteed without any artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives and all in a local and 100% French spirit.

Mimocello is a yellow coloured spirit, its long and meticulous elaboration makes you feel at first the vodka alcohol which then comes to sublimate the delicate perfume of the fresh mimosa flower, associated with a touch of sweetness and spice. Best served chilled and left to decant to discover the delicate fragrance of the mimosa.

For this creation we have proposed the Senso 70 cl bottle in white glass. The decoration is a black lacquer with a yellow silk-screen print, taking up the symbolism of the mimosa pompon. Finally, the cap is a black PGI, to enhance the overall design.

Le 18 October 2021